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Make it to the top in football and accomplish a professional qualification in Sports


The route to a superb career in football in the UK and Europe

IFC-LONDON have, under the management of the International College [ITC-London], established a football and International Sports academy that will meet the needs of those footballers and others interested in obtaining a sports qualification whilst also achieving to the highest level in their sport. The course accepts people from the UK and other parts of the world and there are two key aspects of the programme:

➢ An internationally recognised sports qualification: an OCR Level 2/3 National Certificate, National Diploma or National Extended Diploma in Sport, encompassing skills, knowledge and understanding of sporting activities, environments and organisations. Other certificates of Diplomas in Sports plus possible Foundation Degree.
➢ Secondment or placement is an integral part of the syllabus and this is the opportunity for, as an example top class footballers, to show their abilities and accomplish a good contract.
➢ Ability to study other courses leading to qualifications, employments, and lifelong learning

IFC-London and the Football Academy

The course is ideal for footballers looking for a career breakthrough whilst being prepared academically as well. It is also a great way for people seeking careers in football or sports management. Our ethos is to prepare footballers physically, intellectually and spiritually for excellence in football and success at club or even, for some, at international level.

We provide a total football management package to all our clients, while nurturing any new talent on any of the courses. Our mission is to protect and develop the talent that comes our way in all aspects of their careers, taking away the pressure of every day life, allowing them to concentrate solely on their careers.


ITC-London and the Sports Academy

ITC- is an independent International College Matrix and other leading Accreditations in the UK. We are also an approved centre for Oxford, Cambridge and the Royal Society of Arts and, in addition, many of our programmes lead to a London or UK University Degree award.

The ITC-London has been growing fast over the last four years as it bridges the gap between what the academic world provides and what industry and education needs. The ITC-London vision is to provide cost-effective training that enables people to quickly access prestigious careers-accelerating our students into well paid positions. In fact it is part of the course, in most cases, that we find either jobs or placements through our links to employers.

The programmes currently operate from ITC-London premises at Thames Innovation Centre in London and include:

➢ Business and security management (up to MSc level)
➢ IT Security- up to MSc level
➢ Teaching, including UK adaptation of internationally qualified teachers
➢ Other areas include Law and management

Participants are currently drawn from countries around the world. ITC-London intends to build on its success by rolling out its programmes to other parts of the world and the expertise will now be used to focus on the new Sports College/Academy (SC/A). We firmly believe the SC/A will bring many people into successful careers at the top level.


How to apply

Visit the website, download an application form and fax back to us. If you are a current footballer or an agent, contact the Football Head of Department, on the number below.

Once you have been accepted for the course and paid the initial deposit, you will be given an acceptance letter. If you are an international student, you will then be eligible to apply for a student visa.

The ITC London [IFC-London]

Address: Thames Innovation Centre | 2 Veridion Way | Erith | Kent | DA18 4AL
Tel: +44 20 83201313 Fax: +44 20 83201312 Email: Website: