History & Vision

ITC-London was established in 2006 as a project for helping overseas teachers and graduates, as well as those interested in the teaching profession, to overcome traditional barriers and gain entry into the profession. The project is contained within a separate legal entity, ITC - London, which is a company limited by guarantee.

ITC-London runs Adaptation Programmes and has already achieved considerable success with its participants. Successful outcomes are judged to be when a participant manages to get placement or employment in schools or improves their current employment status after completing the Adaptation Programme.

ITC-London vision is to help participants to International Teachers or Educators status, as well as establish additional programmes that merge innovation and training, including management training and a ground-breaking Sports Academy.

Our programmes currently operate from ITC-London's premises at Thames Innovation Centre, London Borough of Bexley. Participants are drawn from countries around the world. ITC-London intends to build on its success and roll out programmes to other countries and to schools, institutions, businesses, government and non-governmental agencies throughout the world.


Mission Statement

We want to use different ways of thinking to train and educate our students to be participate fully in our educational system and the society of tomorrow.

The Need

Teaching in developed countries, including the UK , is becoming increasingly difficult and more challenging by the day, resulting in a constant crisis with recruitment and retention, particularly in inner city schools. For overseas teachers, newly qualified teachers, some existing teachers, as well as those returning to (or seeking to join) the profession, the challenge can be overwhelming.

However, with the necessary preparation, the experience can be very rewarding and satisfying. Children in our schools can be quite demanding, testing our professional skills to the limit. They know what they want, however, and will respond when the environment and skill meet expectation. Unfortunately, our conventional institutions are not always able to prepare teachers adequately to deal with all of the complex day-to-day issues in schools. The result is an alarming dropout rate from the profession, as well as an apparent drop in morale and standards in some schools.

To help address the crisis, institutions with proven records of success, such as ITC-London, need to increase their capacity for delivery.

ITC-London programmes are put together with the view of rigorously addressing the issues needed to make a transition into teaching in the UK and International schools. Although the program as been devised with inner city schools in mind, the valuable principles can equally be applied elsewhere.



We are an approved centre for Oxford , Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts – OCR, and are currently in discussion with the University of London with the view supporting their external students for University of London Degree programmes.

  • Universities and Colleges Admissions Services - UCAS code number:540494
  • Listed with the DFES
  • Approved centre for Oxford-Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts - OCR
  • Matrix Accredited
  • Thames Gateway Business Award 2007
  • LSC Train to Gain