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Teacher Training & Lifelong Learning @ ITC-London


At ITC-London our focus for delivery of Lifelong Learning is the Leitch report that set in motion in England, a system and a vision for the creation of ‘World Class Skills’. We believe that a new kind of tutors, teachers or trainers is needed if this is to be a reality. We therefore wholeheartedly subscribe to the UK government’s initiatives to promote Lifelong Learning and empower the workforce with Skills for their jobs.
For the same reason our Lifelong Learning programmes are also based on the delivery of world class vocational qualifications tailored to the needs of our clients.

The benefits and rationale behind ITC-London’s Skill-Oriented PTLLS/CTLLS/DTLLS
For employers and companies to increase productivity supervisor and managers need training and skills not only to manage their people but also to pass on their skills and expertise. The rationale behind PTLLS/CTLLS/DTLLS and lifelong learning is the ability to create a workplace training and learning culture between staff and their managers thereby increasing productivity and benefits for all.

For this reason we have created a portfolio within LIFELONG learning called: POST OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION IN MANAGEMENT & LIFELONG LEARNING which enables learners or managers to fulfil their roles as well as pass on valuable skills to other colleagues and employees

Through this training people with qualifications above High School [i.e. GCSE, A-Level, Diploma, Degree, Masters, PhD, NVQs above Level 2], and some occupational or vocational experience, have the opportunity not only to be managers, but also trainers, teachers, or lecturers who understanding modern ways of teaching and enabling.
Ultimately the practice could extend beyond one company or workplace towards the creation of a learning community that seeks to empower people with life changing skills.

The following points have been adapted from current information provided by LLUK on the subject. None of the information provided below constitute a contract of engagement. Readers are therefore advised to consult with Lifelong Learning UK [LLUK] at for the latest information or advice on the subject.

Other Benefits of PTLLS/CTLLS/DTLLS

When newly qualified professionals start work in vocational areas, it is really important that they have the right skills and knowledge to do their job correctly first time. Many further education (FE) colleges have difficulty in finding teachers, tutors and trainers with the right skills to deliver their qualifications. If you have the practical experience and knowledge, along with a relevant qualification in your vocational area, it would be worth you considering becoming a teacher, tutor or trainer to pass on your skills.
There is likely to be demand in your region for teachers, tutors and trainers with your skills. This means that once you gain the PTLLS qualification, there may be roles available for you to pass on your skills at a local college or other organisation either on a full time or part time basis.

We are able to assist our students with finding work while making progress on their study. For non UK/EU students work permit beyond studies may be possible under the new UK government point system. For more details visit:

What age range will I be tutoring?
You will be tutoring anybody over the age of 14. This means that it is possible to be covering or teaching at the Secondary level KS4, 14-19 colleges, Sixth Form and colleges, other learning situations beyond college.

What qualifications do I need to be able to take the PTLLS course?

If you have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) at Level 3 or equivalent [e.g. A-Level up PhD] in your subject area and relevant work experience in your vocational or technical or subject area, you can apply. If you're not sure, we can assess your qualification and advise you if it is equivalent to NVQ Level 3 or above.

What will I learn on the PTLLS course?

The PTLLS course covers the following areas:
• teaching and learning approaches
• how to plan and deliver learning
• delivery strategies
• the use of and the production of learning resources
• the use of different assessment methods
• the role of the tutor
• learning styles.
By learning about these areas, you will start to develop the initial skills and understanding that you will need to effectively teach others.

How long does the PTLLS course take?

PTLLS can be delivered in a variety of ways - for example as a one-week course, as day-release or part-time over several weeks. You can find out what options are available to you by contacting your local college or learning provider. The course lasts approximately 60 hours, half of which is spent with a tutor and the other half on self-study. You will also be asked to practice your new teaching skills with your peers.

What further training is available after the course?

PTLLS is just a starting point. This training course will give you the skills you need to start in a new role as a teacher, tutor or trainer - but you can then develop your teaching skills further. There are a number of routes available, depending on the type of role you decide to take, and you can take up to five years to complete further qualifications leading to Associate Teacher Learning and Skills (ATLS) or Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status.

Can I tutor on a flexible basis?

The teaching of adults happens in many different locations and contexts and tutors are often expected to be flexible and dynamic in their practice. As a professional you can teach full-time or part-time, a few hours a week or combine teaching with your day job.

I haven't been inside a college for years! Is there any support for me?
You might find yourself in a very different working environment from the one you're used to. To help you get started - and to support you during your studies and in the weeks following the course as you look for a teaching role - a member of our team (a mentor with a background in assessing and experience in teaching) will be available to help with your questions.

How much will the PTLLS course cost?

The PTLLS courses will be provided free of charge in some cases as outlined on our website. Fees may equally apply in other instances

Where do I look for a teaching, tutoring or training job?
There is a growing demand for well qualified and experienced vocational and technical professionals to become teachers, tutors and trainers. Jobs in the sector are advertised in a number of places. Most colleges and Adult and Community Learning centres will have their own websites where they will advertise any available posts, and they will also advertise in the local press. Some schools and colleges advertise full-time vacancies in the 'FE Focus' section of 'The Times Educational Supplement'. This is published on Fridays and is available through most newsagents and in public libraries. These job advertisements are also available on the associated website ( for three weeks after their first appearance. Many posts are also advertised on, on and on, including NVQ assessor roles, and roles with work based learning training providers. Please see the links page of this website for further places to look for a job.

What skills will PTLLS courses give me?

PTLLS Courses will give you: Opportunities to acquire and develop skills, knowledge and experience that will improve your teaching/training practice; A "toolkit" of ideas/activities to use in your own teaching training situations; Opportunities to increase confidence in your ability to perform in a teaching/ training role; A good understanding of assessment methods and how this can improve learning and the learning experience.

How will I learn on the PTLLS course?

This course will employ the latest teaching and learning techniques and will deliver the course through a variety of lectures, seminars, group work, research, workshops and assignments.

Will there be a test?
There will not be one single 'test' on this course. Assessment of this course will take place in the form of continuous assessment, observations, assignment work and micro-teaching observations.

Does it matter that I've been out of work / retired for some time?
No. Provided you meet the course criteria in terms of qualifications and relevant experience, you can apply for the PTLLS course.

Is there an age limit on this initiative?
No. Provided you meet the course criteria in terms of qualifications and relevant experience, you can apply for the PTLLS course.

Who will I be tutoring?
You will be tutoring a whole range of people who wish to gain qualifications in your area of expertise.

Where will I be teaching?
As a tutor you will be working wherever the learner is: this could be in your local school, college, a community centre, or a workplace.

How Do I Apply?

Follow the steps on our website, complete an online application , or ask to speak to a member of our team