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Customer Service – Excellence in Customer Service

Excellence In Customer Service & Team Building Course

Customer service matters because everybody in every organisation either helps customers directly or helps colleagues (internal customers) who serve the paying customer.

This course is for people who work in:

Commercial companies supplying goods or services

Public sector utilities

Central and local government departments

Voluntary organisations

They all have customers.

Businesses and non-profit organisations need:

Sustainable competitive advantage: rival businesses might easily match your prices or products, but will find it harder to infuse the business with an outstanding customer service ethic.

To be profitable: good customer service frees the company from the downward spiral of competing on price because people will pay more for great service.

A productive, stress-free work environment: great customer service means happier customers, happier team members and less conflict at work.

Cost-efficiency: satisfying customers first time means less money is wasted taking complaints and correcting mistakes – particularly important in public sector organisations where there is no obvious profit to track, but there can be a lot of hidden wastage.

A good reputation: important for attracting future customers and investors, and essential for the credibility of non-profit organisations.

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International Teachers Certificate – CPD

International Teachers Certificate -CPD

Teaching is one of the most important jobs for every society. As teachers, we are life changers and shapers of society. Not only do teachers enable society in all aspects of human lives, they wield great influence in shaping opinion and thoughts over generations.  Teachers are the producers of a whole spectrum that is needed for nations to thrive from ordinary workers to other nation builders including leaders.

In effect, we are what we are today, thanks to the teacher.

However, several studies have shown that whereas teachers are highly valued in some countries, there are significant disparities in the way teachers are treated and rewarded.

OECD Reports over the years have consistently shown a strong correlation between the prosperity of a nation and the status of Teachers or how well they are paid or treated.

For examples countries such as China and South Korea rank among the highest on the Global Teacher Status Index.  Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and again South Korea also rank as places where Teachers are best paid and looked after.

It is no coincidence how these countries flourish and prosper economically. In effect where a nation values their teachers, it forms the basis for growing the human capital needed for development and prosperity.

The good news is that demand for Teachers in these countries prepared to take good care of Teachers are on the increase. There is an increase in demand for International Teachers from China, and others such as the Middle East and indeed throughout the world. Not only that. For those that are not in pursuit just green pastures beyond their borders, there are opportunities elsewhere around the globe or within their countries that could be explored. That could be anything from voluntary work via non-governmental organisations and charities, to United Nations Agencies, Teacher Exchange programs, and so on.

However, it is almost certain that not all teachers and teaching aspirants would like to leave the shores of their land. For these, the value in acquiring International Teacher status can be equally phenomenal. For one thing, their national value is undoubtedly enhanced both for progress and promotional prospects. In effect, this kind of status opens up opportunities not only beyond borders, but also within them.

Further exciting news is that with advancement in technology, there are increasing number of teachers that are being recruited to teach online and get paid well and rewarded accordingly without leaving their homeland.

For these to happen however, it may not be enough to have just the basic teaching qualification at home and some local experience. One needs to consider a couple of steps that may enhance their qualification and or experience.

This course is designed to enable partakers acquire the knowledge and understanding leading to the award of  International Teachers Certificate – CPD

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